About Me

Hi I am a vegetarian and I am relatively new at it. I used to eat meat and other animal products.

Ever since I have discovered vegetarianism a long long time ago. I have been intrigued and it was not a weird idea for me since I love vegetables since I was a kid. What was weird for me was the idea that other kids don’t like vegetables.

But as time passed by and life happened, I continued with the diet I am used to. That is, eating anything that could fill my hunger.

Recently, people became more aware of animal cruelty and what was going on in poultry farms, slaughterhouses, and other places like these. Veganism was born and this got me intrigued. It’s a combination of a purely vegetarian diet and an animal-lover lifestyle. It’s mostly passive-aggressive in its hostility towards eating meat.

So this reminded me of the idea of vegetarianism and for a year now, I’ve been transitioning to a vegetarian diet.

Now I’m not the advocate type that will convince other people to do what I think is right and go as far as being a vegan. So I made this blog to share my experiences and challenges and let people know what to expect when going meat-free and decide what’s best for them themselves.

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